Our materials


Oak originates from North America. Furniture grade oak is a valuable source for manufacturing furniture & veneering. Oak is a hard wood that is strong, economical & rot-resistant with a light brown/yellow finish. We love working with this wood because we can stain it any colour and accentuate the floral grain.

Hardness Scale

1290 lbf


Mahogany originates from Asia, North America & Brazil. This hardwood is reddish-brown in colours and becomes darker when sealed. Mahogany has a subtle straight grain that makes the texture less dramatic and is pleasing to the eye. Mostly used in a lot of traditional furniture.

Hardness Scale

800 lbf


Maple originates from Northern America. It is a hardwood and fantastic for manufacturing furniture, cabinetry etc. and is also durable. It is light in colour with light brown hues which gives an overall yellow colour.

Hardness Scale

1,450 lbf


Kiaat originated from central and southern Africa and also known as African teak, “mukwa” or “bloedhout”. It is a dark brown in colour with streaks of light-coloured sapwood running through it. It created a very attractive pattern and texture. The wood is also very durable and borer and termite resistant.


1,360 lbf